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Things to know about sleep comfort and buying a bed

1. Expert advice
The best sleep comfort is achieved when there is a balance between mattress and bed system. Sleep experts will help you to find the ideal bed system, which should be adjusted to your body and your sleeping habits.

2. Testing
Take your time for testing a bed system. There should be no pressure on your shoulders and your pelvic region. You should only choose a bed system which provides as much comfort as possible.

3. Resting Height
The resting height should be at least 50 cm, so that you are far enough away from dust, reinforced concrete and other floor constructions which might emit radiation. A lifted resting height also makes it easier to stand up in the morning.

4. Mattress
The right mattress should be either soft or hard. It depends on your weight: the more you weigh, the more volume should a mattress have. It is recommended that lightweights and elderly persons should sleep on a softer mattress, since lying on a hard surface can cause tensions and circulatory disorders in legs and arms.

5. Covers and Toppers
Did you know that you sweat as much during sleep as you would during one sauna session? You loose up to one litre of water. Therefore, mattress covers and toppers are important because they absorb sweat and breathing air, so that your bed feels pleasantly dry throughout the night.

6. Blanket
Use blankets which are made of air pervious material. As with mattress toppers, there are different blankets which are particularly suitable for different seasons. New wool is, for example, perfect for cold winter nights and lyocell or wild silk is ideally used in summers.

7. Pillow
Similar criteria as for mattresses can be applied to pillows: a pillow should adapt to the body and especially to neck and head. Hence, it provides necessary stability and, moreover, neck and spine are relaxed.

8. Mattress Care
Treat your mattress carefully and keep it very clean. Turn your mattress regularly to avoid compression and dips caused by body weight. This will considerably increase a mattress’ life expectancy.

9. Good Hygiene
Fold back your blanket every morning in order to air out your blanket and mattress. Also your bed system should be well ventilated from below in order to prevent mould formation.

10. Cleaning
Fluff up pillows, blankets and toppers and and air them out near an open window in order to dry them in fresh air. In winters, use a radiator. At night, your bed will be pleasantly dry again. Don't use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your bedding if possible.