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11.23.2017. John C. – Boston: I had severe back and shoulder pain that were always strongest in the morning. Since I sleep in a Relax sleep system, these symptoms are gone. I do not wake up at night and I am well rested in the morning. I'm really satisfied and would buy the Relax Sleep System again anytime.

01.15.2018. Ann W. – We have the Relax sleep system since December 2017 and we are very satisfied. Since then, my husband has been sleeping deeper and longer. We can only recommend it.

08.08.2018. Mark W. – Cambridge: These beds are on another level. Eco-friendly, fair trade materials and German engineering at its finest. No metal – everything fits together like an easy puzzle. Free delivery and set up. Price is consistent with the high quality and worth it as your most important piece of furniture, something you can keep forever. Aida and Halim are an entrepreneurial couple from Austria bringing this popular European brand to Cambridge. They are so nice and super knowledgeable about the products and supply chain, right down to the peer-reviewed science on healthy sleep and the fair-trade documentation. We had planned to get a cheaper bed, but after spending an hour with Aida and Halim reviewing their system and materials, we just couldn't go back. We went with the Fiori frame in Swiss Pine, Relax 2000 system, silverness antibacterial mattress and topper, and latex / wool pillows. The Swiss Pine smells wonderful and has been shown to relax your heart rate. We just love it. Highly recommend!

09.05.2018. Dave S. – I had high expectations in the system after the conversation with the Relax representative and I have to say that I am more than satisfied.
Back pain and shorter sleep phases are over, I sleep much deeper and better now on this system. I highly recommended the sleep system Relax 2000.

09.26.2018. Maria W. – The detailed advice from the Relax representative was very crucial. After three nights of sleeping on the Relax 2000 Sleep System I noticed a significant improvement in sleep quality. I can only recommend the Relax 2000 Sleep System.

10.12.2018. Betsy W. – I had several intervertebral disk problems. I was not able to sleep through the night and I would always wake up with pain. Now, sleeping on the Relax 2000 Sleep System, I am able to sleep through the night and the pain is gone. I highly recommend the Relax 2000 Sleep System.

10.26.2018. Peter G. – Relax 2000 is high-quality sleep system, made out of carefully selected raw and natural materials. I feel very well with our sleep system made of Swiss Pine. Pleasant smell of the pine helps me fall asleep faster and I feel more relaxed!

11. 01.2018. Sylvia G. – I noticed that individually adjustable “slatted frame” allows the same good lying quality over the entire width of the bed. We are also very satisfied with the quality of the mattresses. I chose Medium Firm for me and Air Firm mattress for my husband. The mattress gives the support and relief at the same time, it supports my body and at the same time I feel like lying on the soft foam. The best mattress that I ever had!

11.30.2019. Barbara E., WA – We purchased the Relax bed frame with Relax 2000 Sleep Systems made in Swiss Pine. We are very happy with these high quality products. I am personally very satisfied with Halim's work and support. It is way beyond normal!

12.08.2018. Lisa H., Boston, MA – I bought Naturform Sleep Systems with Medium Firm Natural Latex mattress for my dad who is 85 years old. He was not able to sleep through the night, and was always very anxious and unpleasant in the morning. After couple of nights sleeping on his Naturform Sleep System, he started to sleep through the night and his overall mood and behavior significantly improved. He is much happier now and not as nervous and anxious as he used to be.

12.16.2018. Veronica l. – After three weeks of sleeping on the Relax Sleep System, I noticed that my energy during the day has increased. I also was able to finally sleep through the night. i tried so many different mattresses, but the Relax Sleep System is the last bed that I will ever need.

01.20.2019. Meskalina O., Cambridge, MA – I bought the Relax 2000 Sleep System and the bed frame for my daughter who has scoliosis. We tried all kinds of different mattresses, but she was always waking up with pain in her back. After two weeks of sleeping on the Relax 2000 Sleep System, the morning pain was so much reduced, almost vanished. She likes the bed so much, and I am so happy that she is finally able to sleep through the night.

01.31.2019. Robert D. – I suffered of sleep issues for the last ten years. I was always so nervous before going to bed because I knew that I will wake up several times during the night. We purchased the Relax 2000 Sleep System in Swiss Pine and Medium Firm Air Mattress. Just lying on the bed provided so much relaxation and the smell of the pine is so pleasant. After just a couple of nights of sleeping on the Relax I was able to sleep through the night. I started to finally experience deeper sleep and I am much more energized during the day. I am not afraid to go to bed at night, sometimes I think the whole day about my lovely Relax bed that I can lay on at night.

02.19.2019. Thien N., CA – Me and my wife purchased Naturform and Naturflex Sleep Systems.  My wife prefers to sleep on Naturform. After the first night sleeping on them we really enjoyed and had a great feeling sleeping through the night. Best decision ever!