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Latex – a gift of nature

Natural latex is a sticky and milky liquid, which comes from tropical rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis) and consists mainly of rubber particles and water. We only use natural latex from controlled plantations, according to stringent quality standards.

Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS Latex a gift of nature

Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS Latex a gift of nature

CEO Herbert Sigl senior at the extraction of latex

Latex foam consists of millions of microscopic cells, which allow a permanent airstream through their intercellular spaces due to a particularly open cell structure. This means that a mattress made of natural latex is permanently ventilated by the sleeper's movement. Thanks to its unsurpassed elasticity, natural latex adapts perfectly to the body's natural movement during sleep. Therefore, the spine always rests in a correct position and becomes perfectly relaxed. Equal pressure distribution improves blood circulation and prevents pain.

By baking latex foam without any synthetic glues or adhesives, it becomes a high-quality product. At the end of the manufacturing process, the natural latex mattresses are thoroughly washed and dried. High temperatures destroy potential allergenic proteins that could have arisen whilst baking or drying. Natural latex is a high-quality product, whose whole manufacturing process is strictly controlled to always conform to standard specifications. Tests at the „Morton Thiokol Research and Development Instititute” in Massachusetts showed that products made of natural latex are, on the one hand, resistant to mould growth and fungal infestation, and on the other hand, hypoallergenic. Furthermore, recently conducted studies of „Centexbel”, the centre for textile research in Belgium, revealed that natural latex is also resistant to house dust mites.

Our products made of natural latex are regularly tested and certified.