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Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS Electrosmog - an invisible danger  Our modern world offers us many comforts and a pleasant life. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid negative environmental influences. For example electricity has many advantages and life without it would be unimaginable. However, electricity has also disadvantages, like electric and magnetic fields, which are also called electrosmog.

Cells, tissues, and organs communicate not only by means of the body's own substances, but also through electric signals. Therefore, we human beings can be seen as electromagnetic creatures. If our highly sensitive processes are disturbed by electric and magnetic fields, our body reacts to them.

Every human being reacts differently to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Due to the increasing number of electronic devices, monitors, mobile phones, etc., more and more people feel the presence of electrosmog. In Germany, there are roughly 4.2 million people who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields. They can be the reason for unspecific physical and mental problems like concentration disorders, headache, nausea, sleep problems, or vertigo.

Detecting sources of electrosmog

Detecting sources of electrosmog will be a good investment for your health. It is possible to contact a metrologist who is specialised in electromagnetic fields, who will measure electrosmog in your bedroom, living area and at your workplace. Then you can take action to eliminate these sources.

A healthy bedroom without electrosmog

Our bedroom is the most important room in our living area. Disturbances have a negative impact on our health – especially during sleep – since our metabolism can't recover sufficiently.

Don't place your bed directly against a side wall where your electric wiring is located, or in close proximity to any devices. There are EMF protection devices which separate your bedroom from the electric circuit as soon as the last electric device is switched off, which can be installed by experts.

Don't operate any computers, stereos and radio-controlled alarm clocks in your bedroom. Better use battery-powered or mechanical alarm clocks. If you can't do without a computer or a stereo, keep them 2 metres away from your body at least.

Banish your TV from your bedroom, since a TV generates not only electromagnetic radiation but also microwave, radio wave and X-radiation. Even if the TV is switched on shortly, radiation is emitted for many hours.

Use electric blankets and cushions only for pre-heating and unplug it before going to bed. Better use hot water bottles and heating pads filled with spelt or millet.

Choose a bed without metal, since metal frames and spring mattresses generally consist of conductive materials, which amplify the intensity of electromagnetic fields in your environment.