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Sleep better with our bed systems from RELAX®

To ensure a good night's sleep, it is important that you are fully satisfied with your sleeping environment. Besides offering high-quality mattresses and many other products which are crucial to sleep well, RELAX® provides bed systems, which support the body sufficiently and make you sleep better. Our bed systems, mattresses and solid wood beds will perfectly meet the basic needs for a good night’ s sleep.

The main feature of our bed systems Relax 2000, Relax 3000, Naturform and Naturflex is their high adaptability. It does not matter, if you prefer to lie on your side, on your stomach, or on your back – bed systems from RELAX® will adapt to every body shape to support the right sections of your body and to satisfy your needs. Since it is possible to choose between different options, these bed systems relieve spine and tensions in the shoulder region.

Natural bed systems - the best way to avoid pain during sleep

During the whole manufacturing process of our RELAX® bed systems, we exclusively use natural and sustainable materials. The usage of natural materials for every bed system has a positive impact on the human body and on sleep in general. Due to the bed system's naturalness and its ability to adapt, you will sleep better and without any pain. Our bed systems will meet all your needs!

A bed for healthy and sustainable sleep

To sleep as comfortably as possible, we would recommend you to integrate our RELAX® bed system into a metal-free bed made of solid wood. Since we only use natural materials for all our products, they will promote your well-being and a good night's sleep. The bed system's extraordinary technology makes it possible to maximize your sleeping comfort and offers you the opportunity to sleep better.

Flexo - the adjustable slatted frame

Our slatted frame Flexo can be individually adjusted in order to achieve the desired fit and will, therefore, perfectly satisfy your needs. Elastic natural rubber cups provide spring, even in its rigid position. Head and foot adjustments offer the possibility of reading comfortably and relaxing without any pain. Moreover, it is possible to acquire Flexo with an electric motor frame, which helps you to easily find a comfortable lying position.

Relax 2000 sleeping system in beech or arolla pine

The Relax 2000 sleep system helps you to sleep better and thus supports your health and well-being. Our Relax 2000 in arolla pine or beech and the right mattress in your bed room gives you a feeling of floating on a cloud.

This characteristic system or slatted frame for a bed base – the most important part of your bed in addition to the mattress – adapts perfectly to the body and relieves the spine whilst you are asleep.

The Relax 2000 bed system provides an optimal shoulder area with a 1.97 inch depth of pressure points, resulting in additional comfort when sleeping, so that pressure on the spine is reduced.

Better sleep means a sustainable and healthy life style

Our bed system Relax 2000 in arolla pine or beech is especially suitable for a healthy and a sustainable lifestyle because we only use natural materials for our production and we manufacture eco-friendly. Since arolla pine can have a positive impact on the body, the combination of a bed system in arolla pine and the right mattress will meet all your needs for healthy sleep.

Special Innerspring System – basis for healthy sleep

The special spring system of our Relax 2000 – either arolla pine or beech – provides a flexible depth of pressure points up to 2.76 inch and thus a perfect adaptation and reduction of pressure to the spine during sleep. Thanks to its special innerspring system, the Relax 2000 can be adjusted to fit each individual requirement. The individual fitting in the shoulder and pelvis areas is simple to set up. This special spring system has three-dimensional, mounted solid wooden discs and is fitted with suspension rods to ensure the required hardness.

Relax 2000 rigid

Relax 2000 with head adjustment

Relax 2000 with head/foot adjustment

Relax 2000 motor-driven

Naturform – bed system for side-sleepers and persons of heavy build

The Relax Naturform with a 3.54 inch sink-in depth and its flexible adjustment options is ideal for people who sleep on their side and persons of heavy build. The double lamella system is supported on elastic latex elements..

Equipped with 42 lamellas at the top and 42 lamellas at the bottom, it ensures relaxation and stability. The variable shoulder lowering device provides even more individual adjustment options. Turning the lamellas is therefore no longer necessary as, thanks to the symmetric design, they can be reversed as a whole.


The variable 3.54 inch shoulder lowering device is the centrepiece of the Naturform from RELAX®. It is flexible over its entire width and, as it can be reversed, has double the life span (shoulder zone: green lamellas).

Compact cover – for beds with low sink-in depth

Our bed system Naturform can optionally be delivered with a compact cover. The lamellar system and the mattress can be packed in a cover, which is an advantage for beds with low sink-in depth and for modern beds.

Naturform rigid

Naturform with head adjustment

Naturform with head/foot adjustment

Electric motor frame

Naturflex – sleep system with top comfort

The Relax bed system or mattress slat bed base Naturflex from RELAX® offers a perfect support for body and soul and stimulates your personal tension release – making you sleep better. This bed system is tailored to fit any body form or size. According to different physical conditions, it is possible to remove the loweer hardwood slats in the shoulder and pelvis area to reduce back pressure. Hence, perfect reclining comfort is achieved. Naturflex consists of 42 hard wood lamellas (0.354 inch thick), 17 of them are in the shoulder and pelvis area (0,197 inch thick), which are supported by elastic bodies made out of latex. There are thicker slats uderneath the bed system. If you remove every second, the bed systems becomes softer – shoulders are relaxed.

Possible variations:

The thicker slats underneath can be exchanged with the thinner slats above, making for increased firmness.

The Latex strips in the back zone can be slightly re-adjusted.

We recommend that for those sleeping on their back and who are broad around the hips, – the thicker slats from below should be removed and placed above, so that the person does not sink in too deeply.

The latex strips inthe middle can be bound together and the thicker slats placed above in order to support the waist.

This adjustment variation provides perfect relief for the spine.

For an optimal lying position for those who sleep on their side, it is recommended to remove a slat in the top area.

Better sleep due to spring elements

According to individual physical state, the hardwood slats in shoulder or pelvic zones can be removed to prevent counter-pressure. The insert frame is delivered with each Naturflex spring element, in order to be able to insert our spring base element in any bed.

Compact cover – for beds with low sink-in depth

Optionally the Naturflex bed system can be delivered with a compact cover. The slatted frame system and mattress can be combined in one casing, – an advantage for modern beds and beds with low sink-in depth.

Naturflex rigid

Naturflex with head adjustment

Naturflex with head/foot adjustment

Electric motor frame

Relax 2000 sleeping system available in arolla pine

Besides smelling pleasantly and looking beautiful, the wood of the arolla pine has much more to offer. A study on the subject of „The positive impact of arolla pine in the bed room” found that arolla pine could have a positive impact on the heart rate variability and on the sleep. With arolla pine, your heart frequency could be reduced up to 3500 beats or about one hour's „heart work” per day. You will sleep better in a bed made of arolla pine!