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Organic Mattresses for Healthy Sleep

We, NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS, are convinced that a good night’s sleep and nature belong together. That is the reason why we only offer organic and natural products, which are in harmony with the environment. Sleep is the most important part of living a healthy lifestyle. We spend about one-third of our lives asleep. How well we recover in our sleep is a decisive factor of our wellbeing and our success in everyday life. With Relax Organic Products your bedroom will be a place of relaxation, which will satisfy your need for healthy sleep. Relax sleep systems, mattresses and solid wood beds are sustainably manufactured using only natural and organic materials. No synthetic materials, no chemical additives, no metal. It is important to us that with our products you will be able to experience what it feels like to sleep naturally and healthy every night. Connect with the nature without leaving your bed.


Sleep healthy with RELAX®

RELAX products will help you to find the right sleeping position, since our sleep systems as well as our solid wood beds comply with ergonomic principles. The RELAX sleep system adapts perfectly to your body and to your spine to provide back pain relief, which improves your sleep in general. Scientific studies have shown that sleep quality has a direct effect on sleeper’s health and wellbeing. The realization that natural materials are the best basis for healthy and refreshing sleep was the decisive factor in the creation of the RELAX natural sleep systems. Natural materials in harmony with present ergonomic design and orthopedic acquired knowledge make each RELAX natural sleep system a certainty for natural, refreshing sleep.

Our natural products have an exclusively positive effect on your body and sleep and they satisfy your need for a good night’s rest. RELAX sleep systems in combination with our organic latex mattresses, which perfectly adapt to your body, are the key factors for healthy sleep.

RELAX healthy sleep concept is an active healthy-sleep solution.Regardless of body size, shape and weight, the system supports the neck and loin areas so that heavy body parts like shoulder and hip do not sink in.

Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS HOME

The spine can maintain its natural S-shape, which ensures that you can properly regenerate during the night. The materials used are all natural and organic and meet the highest quality standards. It is important to us that all RELAX products support the human body and that they help prevent backache, sleep disorders and lack of sleep on the long run. RELAX offers the best and the finest products for a healthy and sustainable bedroom.

Bed system Relax 2000

The Relax 2000 is our flagship product among our bed systems – thanks to the special innerspring system and the wooden plates, you will feel like you are in seventh heaven. Our bed systems meet your needs by perfectly adapting to your body shape. This means that the right regions of your body are supported; and pain – for example in the back – will soon be a thing of the past. So you will sleep better in the long run. Since we only use wooden joints instead of metal nails and screws, your bedroom becomes increasingly metal-free, which has a positive impact on your sleep as well.

Naturform – for side-sleepers and persons of heavy build

The Relax Naturform with a 3.54 inch sink-in depth and its flexible adjustment options is ideal for people who sleep on their side and persons of heavy build. The double lamella system is supported on elastic latex elements.

Equipped with 42 lamellas at the top and 42 lamellas at the bottom, it ensures relaxation and stability. The variable shoulder lowering device provides even more individual adjustment options. Turning the lamellas is therefore no longer necessary as, thanks to the symmetric design, they can be reversed as a whole.

Natural mattresses and more products for a better sleep

To ensure that you permanently sleep better, not only the bed system is important but also the right mattress. Our RELAX® mattresses adapt to all regions of the body, which comfortably supports the back. Thus, backache and lack of sleep will be prevented. Our mattresses maximize comfort and you will permanently sleep better. Additionally, they are exclusively made of natural and sustainable material like natural latex, which only has an positive impact on body and sleep. This also applies to our accessories like mattress protectors, duvets, and pillows. Your bedroom should be as natural as possible to ensure that you sleep healthy.

We would like to invite you to test our products and to convince yourself of our mattresses’ quality. For us, it is a pleasure to satisfy your individual needs.

Natural and metal-free solid wood beds

You will sleep especially well in the solid wood beds from RELAX®, because they are exclusively made out of natural raw materials and completely metal-free. We strongly recommend you to sleep in a bed made of arolla pine, since arolla pine can have a favourable impact on your health and on your heart rate variability. Not only will your bedroom smell pleasantly, your need for healthy sleep will be satisfied and you will sleep better on the long run. Our solid wood beds help prevent sleep disorders and lack of sleep. To permanently optimise your sleep quality, it would be advisable to combine our solid wood beds with a Relax bed system and a natural mattress.

Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS HOME
Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS HOME


Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS HOME
Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS HOME
Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS HOME
Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS HOME
  • Natural and organic Toppers

    Mattress toppers absorb sweat and breathing air every night, which promotes sleeping healthy. We offer different models and designs.

  • Ergonomic Pillows

    Relax offers a variety of high-quality pillows - choose individually whether you prefer a filling of latex, lyocell, pure new wool or polyester fibre balls, or arolla pine flakes.

  • Natural and organic Latex Mattress

    The mattress consisting of 100% natural latex is available in different heights and firmness depending on your body structure. Combine it with RELAX 2000 and your body is perfectly supported. We also offer different mattress covers.

  • RELAX 2000

    Due to three-dimensionally movable spring elements, all of our RELAX 2000 models can perfectly adapt to your body.

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Organic Beds and Mattresses  - NATURAL RELAX BED SYSTEMS HOME